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Counseling Services

  • Licensed Counselors 

  • Certified Life Coaches

  • Emotional Support Groups 


  • Food & Shelter

  • Healthcare

  • Mental Health Support


  • Annual Awards Ceremonies

  • Event Planning/Decorating

  • Community Outreach Events


  • Woman of Power Tour Georgia

  • Colors of Sneakers Cancer Awareness Gala

  • Topics Talk "On the couch with Kay"

Our Who...

Kay's Vision Supportive Life Services is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Founded by a  survivor of life challenges including breast cancer diagnosis, raising a family & many other challenges... But she survived! Kay survived and has determined to be the friend to the community that she needed when she faced difficult times. 


Our What...

Kay's Vision Supportive Life Services offers support to assist you through challenging life situations.  Some of the services we offer include

  • Sessions with a Licensed Therapist or Counselor

  • Sessions with a Certified Life Coach

  • Referrals for housing, food, &/or healthcare if needed

Our How...

Kay herself has spent much of her own funds over the years to donate to the cause to accomplish the mission. Kay actually still does donate much of her funds to the cause. However with the needs of people increasing and the organization gaining momentum it's requiring a bit more community assistance. Kay's Vision Supportive Life Services are always in search of volunteers, supplies, and monetary donations.

We welcome you to become a sponsor friend of the community.

Friends Portrait

Our Why...

Get Involved!

During a time of uncertainty Kay found that sometimes all one needs to thrive is a bit of support, some encouraging words, a warm meal or fresh food, a bit of guidance or simply just a listening ear to confide in. She noted that just having a friend can make a world of difference.  This is why we at Kay's Vision made it our mission to be that friend.

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